Research and Science


To unlock the planets and solarsystem early materialising, Earth history and the evolution of live. The Suns magnetic release of energi, giant collisions of planetoids. Space stones are the key, to survive and understand the cosmic frequence.

The frequence of space, is a state of balance, in each level of the Sun, radiation and pressure of Space. If the Suns changes, the terrestrial plantes have to change too. The time were Earth, was coverd with water, is a long lost sequence of the cosmic. 

With the center, of the Sun to the planets, and a center of the Sun to the galaxy, there is given Space to each center. In this triangulated, Space of Stars, each differentiation of energi, is influencing all planet matter. The energi levels of matter, have different contact levels to the Sun, like pure iron magnetic properties, (instead of conductivity) water in our solarsystem, unstable asteroids, old planetationel Space that dos not exist eney more.

To live and survieve in space conditions, in a fraction of human time, in an unstable, long lasting balance, between the high temperature, making of Earth, and thereby an alike surface beneth the deeb ocean. Nova out burst, that can melt the surface, of the Moon and Mars, evaporate oceans on Earth and collisions that can rise the sea flor above water.

Focus on different treads. 

The asteroid Caspra, that broke up millions of years ago, alterd Earth history around Skandinavien. The events come in wawes like 10.000 thousend years ago and 5000 thousend, and 2500 and so on thats the princip. Either it is object decreasing orbit, influx from the kuiper belt, or asteroids, the picture is like this. This time line comes from meteorites, they can also show connections of the inner planets, if the orbit is decreasing until it hits the inner planets, or if the impact/asteroid/debree takes the direct path.