Lunar Helium Type.

Origin:     Moon

Weight:   16 Grams

Size:        Tip of arrow

New Lunar type, the scientific value is that this meteorite type from the moon, is strongly recrystaliced and imbedded in Helium. The Helium radiation is formidable, and extrem. Even in Um scale very close to Nn scale there is nothing to see of the matrix, and the radiation formation is not seen before.

This meteorite have a destinct lunar signature, with the Helium radiation, and the detected Ppm values off Iridium, Osmium and Rhenium. The recrystalication is very clear, the outer surface melt is brown. The lunar helium type is very rare.

( 1 um is 1:1000 of a mm. The nano scale is 1000 Nm = 1 Um) 

The BSE image and analyse is from the geological institute Geus