Mullet flyfishing

The mullet requeries a nother tactic then seatrout, you draft the fly home, instead of taking it home. Soft and slow, you take home the line. The fly then, appears like sea weed, but seeks it selv out, by the slighter more movement, then the sourroundings. The flyfishing is combined with seatrout fishing, and a hover flyline is best, the line can be made floting, or sink tiped. The line is placed in front of the mullet, when you spot the direction, some meters in front of them.

Mullet Movie

This is what you prepared fore all winter. A nice pack of mullets in the surface, feeding. In the center of the movie, left and right you clearly see them. The can hide the back finn, and therefore have a special apperance in the surface, you have to see this.

In September and Oktober mullets seek together and groub up. Som individuals goes alone, or in pars, undtil the brake up, and seek south to the middle terrainian.