Sample piece.


Clearly dark layer, that is not mica. The dark layer is Bromine melt layer without Bromine ind the mineral layer, upon the melt layer, RH have found Silicate melt barring Bromine as high as 5.74 %.

The orange areas are in the matrix is radiated metal decay. Beside the dark brown and orange globules, all minerals are transparent, in color even there is a big diffrence.

Sample piece also have small inclusions in color, like pigenit in yellow, and augite in green, som redchondrules and micro in pink.

The Martian meteorite Bromine type have 19 layers from a Bromine geyser on Mars. The Bromine minerals on Earth have no source of origin, it is found in the dead sea and drilling brines. The Bromine mineral form, when water evaporate and makes Halide salt minerals, the 24 minerals known are all Hydrosole, som have more Bromine in, because of vulcanic activity called fumarole and Australien, have a mineral of Silver and Bromine, where the Bromine atom rather will be with the Silver atom then the chlorine atom called replacement.

Here is a new mineral in the family of Molybdenum minerals, only one of the 45 knowen minerals with Molybdenum in the atomic crystal structure, are pure metallic bonded. The mineral is Hexamolybdenum.

The BSE image is of the metallic mineral grain, consisting of Molybdenum, Chrome and Cobalt. The metal grian have been exposed fore a gamme radiation wave, that radiated the Chrome and Cobalt thrue crystals in the gamma wave direction.