Seatrout Flyfishing


This trout species grows up in sea water, at the stony sandy beaches, with bassins, reefs, key points, and dark blue areas, were the seatrout is hunting, small fish and shrimps. The fishing after silvery trout, that weighs up to 4 pound, from September to Maj, with 4-7 trout on some days. Trout around 4-8 pund are there, and the 10-20 punds are rare.

The seatrout habitat along the coast, easy seen like a stream. The habitat in the sea, runs dark blue along the water edge in front of the sand, maby light  color sand again 50 meters out. Good fishing spot in summer time, is were the reef stretches out to the deb. Here you can fish seatrout reef after reef, from key point to key point. Every covered area with your cast, can hold a nice trout if not spotted first.

You can cover the entire trout holding area with a light rod class 6-8 that performs nice long cast. Floting line and hook sizes from 8-4 presented on a shooting head.

Often you cast to the trout after you spotted it tailing, heading or jumping. Serving the shrimp, to a spotted trout often leads to a take. If no activity chose a shrimp popper and have fun, with trout following your fly in the surface. 

The seatrout performs a great fight, and often hunts in packs. 4-5 seatrout from a day fishing over 45 cm with 2 over 50 cm is often seen. The season is from all day fishing in 18- 20 degree celsius in September to Maj, with mullet fishing from July to Oktober on 4-12 pound fishes.