Spacefly Flies


Fore the reef, sand and stoney bassins, flies in different variations, using imitations of small fish and shrimps. Having flies like this in your box, insures you have eney situation coverd.

The movie shows have to make shrimp legs, and to mix wings of different materiel to the fish imitations. The flies are a concept and the tying stile, technic are the same in different colors. The shrimp leg movie will show you, have to make those, also the shrimp body, is made of feeders not from hair, the legs are of nylon not rubber bands.


  • Shrimp Mysis

  • Shrimp Strike Point

  • Shrimp Dark Provocator

Shrimp Imitations


Research and Science is a key background for making equipment to flyfishers. The Spacefly flies are based on movement from the fly, the volumen of the fly, moving thrue the mass of water with the legs moving back gives the imitation what others flies dont have. The result is a world leeding imitation of shrimps. The Seatrout attack or take, the shrimp fly imitations all season.

The variation of the fly, range from Shrimp Popper to Shrimp streamer. And small patterns in green, brown and the classic grey. The imitations can be used in eney situation.

 Quality of the shrimp legs


The Shrimps can survive 6-7 good fish sometimes. 4-5 fishers have maby just fished the water when you enter with your fly, and the Shrimp does it better. The flies is best with a long slow take in, like 50-60 cm, then a little brake. Also because of larger trouts inhale it, from behind, and to fast take in will rip it out of the mouth. When the fly gets used, you can adjust the shrimp legs with your clipper. All thrue a fly with no comparison.

Depending on wind situation, the shrimp legs, can be made up of, nylon size 0.25 and 0.20 fore better movement, or better control in windy days. The plated feet, are made of 0.40. Make a bundle of legs, melt them together, choose to alike.


Seatrout Take of the fly


The Shrimp Tech hook is speciely made, fore large fish over 5 pound. Large seatrout have a slow take, with open mouth, and smaller fish takes the fly from the side. A realy nice, fishing is with the Shrimp Popper, this fly can turn a day with out trout surfacing, with the shrimp popper, you can rise 2-3 trout, to follow the fly several meters, before take.

The hook is larger then normal, and are made in Hand. The eye is straight, and the hook tip, is slightly bended down. The hook courve is soft, and will straigten out a little instead of, stitch hooking.