Line Shooting Holder LSH


This innovative product developed by seatrout flyfishers, with many years of experience, using long double cast to cover the reefs, with class 6-8 shooting head, the line always have some slack, and a larger take ind (drag) insures good hook durability, the diagonal messure is 65 inches. The picture shows the line keeper curves around the body, also the back side have a 10 degres tilt away from the stomach.


Streamer Nymph model


Front edge in 40 degress, pointing towards to the first rod eye from the reel. Also the 4 cones are in an angel of 50-60 degres to the casting direction, back side is 90 degres, fore minimizing friction from the cones and the front edge. Size 45 cm x 40 cm.


Nymph model

Is placed in front of you, with a Spacefly design. The sides in from follows the contact to the reel, falling over the side. The front is bend 90 % to ensure soft handling of the flyline. No cones are nedded fore this type. Size button, 35 cm x 30 cm.


This product, is the only product on the marked world wide, that is made for flyfishing casting, with minimum resistence (friction). Best hand movement fore intake and hooking the fish.

Low waight, strong durability and best finish.


The proportions not much larger then other products. The messure of a classic linebasket is 40 x 30. This is because of the mould price and size. When it is hand made, it is designed fore fishing regardless cost. 

The square cm2 is better placed around the body and following the hand movement.  From the front the the first cone is placed 8 cm below the edge, the cone placed in the back is 14.5 cm below the edge. 

Spacefly Pat Pend products

All the Spacefly products that are global news, are protected by law. Pat. Pend. This is to ensure the further devolopment of the marked, our capability and performance. Any kopies of our products, will be prosecuted.


 Other products

Competitive products do not have any dynamic. The well knowen shape from Orvis Linebasket is copied many times. The capability is fore small stream fishing.  

Other products are ment fore holding 5-10 meters of line when dry/nymph fishing. Hooking the fish is visual. When dry/nymph fishing casting the amount of line is already in the air, before presenting the fly to the fish. Hooking is performed in raising the rod, visual to the take. Therefore the fisher do not loose any strikes, taking home the fly. Linebasket of this size, do not have a diagonal messure that is large enuf, to give a good contact to the fly and hooking the fish. (lineslack)