Public knowledge or Scientific knowledge.


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The puplic attention created by scientist, that take away the focus from Eart, the discussion about water, is misplaced in the scientific point of view, compared to the tecnical evidence from Earth. The making of hydro minerals, on Earth is profounded evident. The technical term for fluid formated minerals, formed on Mars is by liquid and solid liquid.


Have there been found any H2O minerals, then dont talk about water minerals, take care of the geology physics, instead.

Fore the civil person knowledge, the Museum collections are the importent collection regarding the puplic knowing and knowledge.

Mars robots detected minerals, do not get approved by IMA, and every puplic statement is influenced by there politics. Every civil person, shuld not trust that kind of scientific results, there is a reson to, any found meteorite, is sold in pieces to other museums, fore confirming the result, or to find there own results, from there acquired samples.


If water was present, meteorites and robot analysis, wuld show similar H2O content in the Martian minerals, like minerals on Earth. NASA says a good way to recognize meteorites, is the content of Nickel, but banded iron formation like Hæmatite and other minerals, are a direct origin from iron meteorites, but there is no Nickel in these minerals, i RH opinion that wuld be more right, to investegate fore a sequience with out Ni.


In respect for our balanced time, in an larger sequence of unbalance, decaying matter and the presence of water in our solar system. And maby a ice age timeline, caused by bromine eruption on Mars, that brake down our ozon layer. If this theory culd be thrue, it wuld be the moust importent meteorite ever found, besides it culd contain, a sequince of elements that is not bound to Silicate on Earht, and culd easily contribute with hundreds of new minerals.


The sequience of Antartica is no longer adding the knowledge that it did. It is rarely the find new minerals there anymore.


In every puplic television program, is created to and fore a puplic point of view, way create a timeline fore different events, in the future when the human kind, do not have a life expectensive over 50.000 yers, if we turn the timeline around, our timeline is no longer then 10-50.000 yers, of balanced time with few interruptions, from vulcanos and energies that are levelling out. We have very strong indicator, from the DNA that caused human DNA to decay in different habitats around the world, from that consequens, that the green hause effect, is causing the tropical line increases faster then natural.


A nother problem is, the connection between the inner planets, there is evidence fore impact debree can accumulate and form meteorites, about 25 % from Mars wuld hit Earth, and the life expectensvie of the Mars moon, is no longer then approxemately 30.000-50.000 thousend yers, the Bromine may have been active continusly if the antarctic ice is not older then 50.000 thousend yers, and contains Bromine. Bromine have no origin from Earth.


The Bromine Meteorite from Mars, is the one of the importent meteorites ever found.