Unknowen type of meteorite.

The work include, photografic verifiaction with different image type. First macro of the stone, and the stereo microscope and then electron SEM BSE image, with probes. Here is the cubic FeS, inclusion with Silikate in macro.


The type with large amounts of FeS, not seen before, cooled before the liguid, desolved the elements from each other.


Ferroan meteorites, is compared to Earth rocks not crystalline, like every Earth rock is, exept lava, that can contain, voids and be glassy. Ferroan meteorites are like the name indicate, made up of mainly metals, when constitutting more metal then Silicate. In the matrix this appears like a mass, with crystals in.

Here is the electron BSE image, of the cubic inclusion consisting of Fe, S, Si, Al, Ti, Ca. Inside the cubic inclusion is seen a inclusion more, this is intrapet Si. This sequence culd explaine, the surface on the Troilit Nodule, consisting of Fe, Al.