Spherical Silicate

Meteorites made up of weightless space cooled Silicate named chondrules. Chondrules are spherical minerals, in many different variations. Easy to see in Stereo Microscope. The facination of silicate cooled in weightless space, is significant.

The red glassy with intergrowth and metallic inclusions, and more rare with amored surface upon the silicate surface, compared to Earth, the elements phases between the chondrules minerals can not be compared to any Earth rock. The are generally made of olivinde and pyroxene, also granulitic and polycrystalline and the very nice sea sheel like chondrules called, radial chondrules and barred radial textures.

we will bring a meteorite consisting of spherical cooled silicates, and this meteorite have all kinds of chondrules, it have fusioned upon the exposed limestone sediments, at the time of impact.

We will bring SEM images and proff of this space chondrules maby sank, into a silicate value that cooled between the chondrules. Like the presolar grains activity, with layered or mixed contact, nucleated in a elementic belt into other belts of elements, in outflow or inflow of the sun.

Also the limestone meteorite, have presumed inclusions from Mars and the Moon, besides chondrules because chondrules also exsits on Earth like micro meteorites, in space micrometeorites can agglomerate together, with other debree or onto the surface of asteroids. You can also find, asteroids melt of that looks like micrometeorites with black surface.